How Long Before ROI Investment In Coaching?

A Prospective Coaching Client Wants Coaching For C-Level Executives and Managers

How Long Before ROI For Investment In Coaching?

Is Time An Issue For You in Decision-Making?
Tell me more so I understand why time is an issue for you. If you will, tell me too how time is important in this coaching investment. We can achieve more if we know what drives your current decision-making.

There are ways to tailor coaching impact when time is an issue.

The Comfort Zone of Your Own Personality Style
Maybe an impatient personality style features where someone wants to get things done yesterday?
We can work well with a driver personality who wants fast results. There’s a coaching style to suit.

We evaluate what’s so, define measurable results, and develop a plan, With your agreement to proposals, we proceed to interview your executives, and develop the plan right away. .

Tell us what timeline you need. We introduce different coaching expertises to cause timely results.

Do Employees Need Coaching For You To Get Return on Investment?

Do your employees agree verbally, and not deliver what they say they will do?
Or employees make big projections with a lack of realism of the market they’re operating in?

Do you feel impatient because you’ve tried many ways to get others to understand that better results are urgently needed?

Or maybe, being an experienced C-level Executive, you realize some people in your team just don’t get what’s needed. You want a new perspective from an external coach to make budget.

Possibly your highly acute business acumen knows results don’t reflect the resources invested?

We can review your business objectives, and do an informal evaluation of key individual employees’ performance. With trend information feedback to you, it will immediately contribute to adjusting team behaviours. Learned information adds to understanding and ensures timely return on investment.

Executive Coaches Build Management Trust, Information, Skills

An initial 360 degree employee interview is quick. It can take as little as 10 minutes per individual for this one-to-one executive coaching. Our clients consider one-to-one executive coaching a constructive skills exercise. The style of interview immediately generates trust. With interviews being confidential, people feel released from stressful situations by being able to speak out.

Client feedback from employers and employees alike is always positive.

People appreciate the active listening of an external coach. We soon pick up vital clues as to what is slowing performance. 360 degree interviews reveal information and trends. While building management trust executive coaches provide a first return on investment from coaching. The big ‘ah ha’ moments can be life changing- believe me – as well as the potential of what’s discovered to impact on the bottom line.

External Pressure Makes Return on Investment From Coaching Urgent!
A key non-Exec Director pushes CEO buttons.

Business under-performance, awkward media critiques drive down stock price, or threat of messy litigation may demand a ‘good result’ to take the pressure off.

When the boss’s job and personal performance is on the line, executive coaching becomes urgent.

On any investment, return on the investment is vital. Coaching is a fast track to getting a handle on a crisis, and, can even be a steam valve for the person sitting in the hot seat of Leader.

Depending on how fast you want to work with me, and the commitment you have to the return on investment goals that we agree, you’ll get a fast and valuable result.

Not only that, executive coaching informs management with new information, energizes the team, inspires everyone to work smarter and more effectively towards common goals.

Quantum of Return on Investment From Coaching
Don’t take my word for it,  Forbes Magazine reports global coaching surveys conclude the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching (is) 7 times the initial investment, with over a quarter reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times

This business coach, experienced in corporations, brings a wealth of understanding, the ability to engage without losing an independent perspective, and the advanced skills of coaching to assist your team.

There is an old maxim – if you keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, you get the same results. Do you want things to go on the same way – or do you want a TURNAROUND?

Our executive coaching programs go right to the heart of the matter very fast. We tailor our skills offering to meet your individual business situation. You can count on us to actively listen bringing out valuable information, and allowing people to see new paradigms in an instant.

We can review the complexity of your business model with an experienced eye and ask the right questions that need to be asked. Knowing the critical questions to ask is the difference between success and failure.

We have each person on the team feeling like they have a personal supporter. At the same time each individual feels themselves accountable like never before – and acts accordingly!

You bet we get results!  How Long Before ROI Investment In Coaching is up to you.

How SHORT a time do you want to get improved Return on Investment?

Make Contact today to get the change you want.

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