A fabulous call. Lots of eye opening things. I can now see how I can improve. I’m very excited and want to move forward to do it. As a CEO I never get anybody to tell me the truth. Its nice to know there is some truth that exists out there. I know I’m not perfect and I can get better. It can be done, I’ve no doubt

Thank you so much for the dedication on skype and email you gave both of us. I… really don’t know what to say! Your book Reinventing Leadership has arrived! Cannot wait to start reading it!
DB – Director

Your reading and visual distillation of my thoughts is a great launchpad. I see how to get more organized. Thank you again.
DZ, Entrepreneur

After you met my IT Director he recommended for me to make a pitch to the CEO as to why I am the right person to lead KM for the company. He invited me to demonstrate my skills, vision, and leadership. He wants coaching of the whole IMT management team by you.
AT, IT Executive

In the past, the way I was preparing reports wasted all my nerves, and reports had no value to me. Now I prepare reports from a completely different perspective. I see new value in reporting, and the value of systems. I now use the systems we evolved in the coaching to make my job easier.”

Following my work with you in my previous management role, I am now seeing the impact of good leadership in my current role, which is a big step up from my previous career position. I now manage a bigger team and a much bigger operation. I am able to manage this role so much better than my last one.
T.A, IT Senior Executive, London, UK

Going through your exercises made me see how I interact with clients and how I can put myself in the client’s shoes. What I learned caused me to change my whole approach which has been very successful.
Rowena Gonzales, Green LEED Designer, Director, Liquid Interiors, Hong Kong

You left me a fantastic guideline to follow. It’s the information I have inside of me.
Casper Haring, Corporate Conferencing, CEO, BBM pl, Poland, Europe

I am more comfortable with sales calls now. I don’t stress out as much as at the beginning. It shows in the conversations. I am now making 40-50 calls a day. It’s definitely easier to talk about the products, and people are more willing to have conversations. The conversations are longer than the previous ones and people tell me when they are interested, and what reason they are not interested. I am able to be successful this way.

I noticed when I am not tense, not rushed, people are more willing to listen. It sounds a more natural conversation, is not like a sales presentation. It’s like someone offering a good product. I now like pitching, not because I have to, but because I now enjoy doing it successfully.
Sales Management Executive, Europe

I have a lot more clarity about how I’m doing to change my communications verbally and written. Making sure my communication is defined, provides facts, definition, and measurable outcomes.

Love the way you work!
RS, Former IBM executive, Producer Red Eagle Entertainment, Chairman and President

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